• ·  Lead full stack engineer working on product integrations with SaaS providers, XS2A and PSD2 integrations using PaxFamilia's AISP license.

    ·  Executing on legacy and technical debt, using modern Javascript and implementing internal DSLs in Ruby. This was achieved with interface improvements and backend code architecture refactoring.

    ·  Leading and managing a developer team, everything from onboarding and ongoing training, task management and delegation, close feedback loop and code review.

    ·  Built and maintained full end-to-end test coverage of new features with Jest and implementations, reducing time to market of product improvements.

    ·  Collaborating on improving engineer onboarding. Travelled oversees to workshop a new front end developer's entry into the team.

    ·  Implementing internal Gem for a unique private external bank API.

  • ·  Full stack engineer delivering high visibility and impact features across web platform.

    ·  Experience with Stimulus JS framework as a part of the Ruby On Rails stack.

    ·  Experience with Continuous Development with GitHub Actions and Heroku.

    ·  Implementing Zendesk Integration and end-to-end testing of most important user flows of the business with Capybara.

    ·  Implementing web application redesign and Interactor business logic architecture.

  • ·  Full stack engineer working on product integrations with big Financial firms, building application test suite and evolving internal architecture and stack from legacy to modern standards.

    ·  Experienced in scoping, architecting, and executing projects independently while coordinating with stakeholders, design, product and QA.

    ·  Oversaw and implemented new JSON Schema API with BNP Paribas Fortis which unlocked 5000+ high income families' data to be uploaded into the app. This included generating documentation and standards compliant design choices.

    ·  Built testing suite with RSpec with the help of self-made generator tools to take total app test coverage from 0% to 40%+. (App with 30k+ lines of code). All new backend developments stuck to the 100% coverage TDD principals.

    ·  Lead development of drag and drop action planning tool in Vue JS. This increased app stickiness and was the first big step in moving from Ruby on Rails to Rails and Vue.

    ·  Lead product evolution from Rails embedded Ruby in HTML with a traditional RESTful rails backend to a Vue JS frontend and Ruby GraphQL backend, fully tested from the ground up. This resulted in more efficient server queries and a powerful interactive user interface.

    ·  Learned and applied fundamentals of fast feedback loops and unit as well as end-to-end testing. Learned how to use GitHub Actions and implemented automatic test running in the cloud.

    ·  Learned and applied clean clear coding principles: modularity, focus on behavior, dependency injection, following the Single Responsibility Principle, Sandi Metz and ThoughtBot. Focus on code rewritability rather then reusability.

  • ·  Engaged in daily pair programming and agile group projects with tight deadlines.

    ·  Completed all advanced exercises, stayed everyday until the building closed. First to get a job out of the course: had an interview the day after the course ended and landed the job overseas by the end of the week.

  • ·  Brought in structure and experience to train new team - Lead and trained old staff. Brought in accumulated knowledge with menu development and inventory management

    ·  Overcame challenge of workload, under-staffing and speed.

    ·  Managed, cooked, client-faced, marketed a Pho soup restaurant tripling income vs cost.

    ·  Tested prototypes - executed dinner events - developed competence through research.

  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • GraphQL
  • RSpec
  • Postgres
  • Sidekiq
  • Javascript / ES6
  • Vue
  • Jest
  • Stimulus
  • HTML
  • CSS / SCSS
  • GH Actions
  • Ubuntu
  • Heroku
  • Team Management
  • Employee Training
  • Product Design
  • Architecture
  • Full Stack Web Development

  • Culinary Arts Training

  • Computer Science Bachelor (incomplete)

  • Economics Bachelor (incomplete)